Level Design

Simple snow falling particle effect that I made a long time ago, extract to the path like it shows in the zip file, drag & drop it into the level.

Download Snow Particle


Remake of the snow particle using Niagara Beta version from 4.20 Preview 1

Download Snow Niagara Emitter


GodRay Blueprint example from the Matinee Demo (Learn tab in the UE4 Launcher).

Download GodRay


Simple example to display the date and time in-game.

Download BP_DateTime


Vaulting example (auto climb like in Doom). Uses simple cube as an example.

Download BP_Vaulting


Example of a volume that lowers the gravity while the player is inside.

Download BP_LowGravity


Area that drops specific weapons when entered. Special thanks to Zliryu from Discord


Example of an audio log, it can be placed on any map multiple times and each instance can have its own sound file that it plays when interacted with.

Download BP_AudioLog


Example of how to link objects and make them communicate with each other. In this example you take the gravity gun, pick up an object, put it somewhere, which in return will open a locked door.

Download BP_PuzzleExample


Blueprint actor that randomly spawns trees within a box, can be scaled, number of trees tweaked and use a custom mesh (with collision). Can be handy when placing patches of trees, but without using the foliage tool.

Download BP Tree Placement