Other Blueprints

Virtual Joysticks used in the Mobile tutorial here.

Download BP_VistualJoysticks


Example of how to temporarily obscure the players vision.

Download BP Component – Drunk Effect


UFO spaceship example from the template, can be used by the player to fly around.



Enemy turret example, rotates to face player when in range, shoots, can be destroyed.

Download BP Turret


Simple 1vs1 example, nowhere near as advanced like the main template.
Recommended use: Prototyping only

Download BP_Multiplayer_1V1_Example


Glider from the Landscape example. Can be used by the player to fly around the map.

Download BP_Glider


GoKart vehicle from the advanced template, this was used in the vehicles tutorial here.



I noticed that many people use Matinee to rotate things in a level, so I made a much simpler solution. Can be used for turning valves, opening chests and stuff like that.



Smaller muzzle effect, will be included by default in the future.

Download P_AssaultRifle_MF_Small


Wave Based Game Mode example, extract like it is in the zip file, open the level that comes with it, press play.

Download BP Wave Based Game Mode


Example of a boss fight, it fires explosive projectiles, damages the player when nearby, chases the player, has its own healthbar.

Download BP_BossFight


Weapon Factory from the ShooterGame Quick Start tutorial.

Download BP Weapon Factory


Old free prototyping material.

Download Prototype Material


Stock config ini files for the “Add to Project” problem with some assets that overwrite your projects ini files.

Download Stock Ini Files


Binoculars example, can be picked up and stored in the inventory.

Download Binoculars


Example of a turret station that the player can use.

Download Turret Station


Example of a mine that can be activated, defused or destroyed.

Download Mine


Example of a character pawn that has legs as an additional mesh, set it as the default pawn class in BP_GameMode to check it out.

Download FPS Character With Legs


Example of a flying enemy (drone).

Download BP Flying Enemy


Example of a friendly AI (follows you, shoots at enemies when it sees them).

Download BP Friendly AI


Weapon customization widget. Changes stats of a weapon during gameplay.

Download W_WeaponCustomization


Simple multiplayer soldier enemy example that attacks nearest player.


Example vehicle for multiplayer.

Download Replicated Vehicle


Example of how to make the enemy aware of which projectile killed it.

Download Enemy Specific Projectile Example


Example of how to use a Mixamo soldier character for the enemy. PS – I’m legally obligated to tell you that I do not own Mixamo or Fuse, it’s an Adobe owned product.