How to make new weapons

How to add Aim-Assist

How to make a holster socket system for TPS only projects

How to add a starting weapon and why it’s related to the save system

How to  make an Armory (weapon selection screen) and use it from the Main Menu

How to change the GripPoint socked on weapons

How to add weapon inspect (and TPS to FPS anim retarget)

How to make grenade mods

How to make more melee weapons



How to change the Character Mesh

How to add fall damage

How to add an RPG level-up system

How to add Slow Motion (action skill)

How to add a Shield (and a recharge station)

How to add headbob

How to implement dynamic offset for TPS camera (switching position from left to right)

How to add sliding ability

How to implement a sheath weapon mechanic



How to Save & Load new variables

How to make a new Interactive Actor

How to move the Mouse Cursor with a Gamepad

How to add new Surface Types (Physics Material)

How to add new Vehicles

How to change the music during gameplay

How to implement a world hub with sub-levels (kinda like in Fallout)

How to use the Arcade Game Mode (room based progression)

How to use the AI

How to add new key bindings

How to use the Objective System

How to create new pickups

How to implement a “Game Over” screen



How to make new multiplayer weapons

How to add a shield

How to reconfigure the weapon to support press E to pick it up

How to add more multiplayer maps

How to add Free-For-All game mode (can be used for co-op as well)

How to integrate Steam

How to implement health regeneration

How to mod the multiplayer mode into TPS

How to set up co-op

How to set up TDM

How to set up CTF



How to replace the default map

How to change the Project Image in the Launcher

How to create a read/write system for text files (C++ tutorial)

How to check for DLC on Steam (C++ Tutorial)

How to import Substance Painter textures into UE4 and set up the material

How to expand the UE4 editor with Utility Widgets



How to make it Mobile-Ready

How to implement a Score System



How to implement VR support



How to integrate AI Behavior Toolkit

How to integrate Ballistics FX

How to integrate Ironbelly weapons and animations

How to integrate Sci-Fi Arsenal Vol.01

How to integrate the free FPS Weapon Bundle

How to integrate rdLODtools

How to integrate Footsteps Sounds with Blueprints Setup

How to integrate VFX Grenade Pack

How to integrate the Open World AI Spawn System

How to integrate the Amplify LUT Pack

How to integrate Drivable Cars Basic Pack (3d asset + blueprints)

Megascans – Quixel Bridge – Getting Started

ShooterGame Getting Started

How to add an old asset to a newer engine version

Fixing the “Add to Project” problem


Official Epic Games Tutorials that I highly recommend