How to use the AI

This isn’t really a tutorial, it’s more like a compilation of frequently asked questions about the AI in the template.


Q: I added the enemy into my level but it doesn’t move at all, why?
A: You didn’t add a NavMeshVolume for it to walk on:


Q: How do I make the patrol example go where I want?
A: Add target points to the level and tell its array what they are:


Q: How do I change the enemy damage?
A: For the soldier and patrol go to their projectile blueprint and change the amount.
A: For the zombie example open its base class blueprint and find the Attack Player event:


Q: How do I change the enemy weapon?
A: Open the enemy and change the mesh:



Q: How do I change the firerate?
A: Open the behavior tree and change the interval.


Q: How do I change the zombie speed?
A: In its movement component, set max walk speed (on this same screenshot you can see where the attack animation is placed)


Q: How do I change the enemy mesh?
A: Same as player mesh:


Q: How do I change the blood, increase the blood, decrease the blood, remove the blood?
A: It’s just a particle effect that gets spawned, you can change it inside the enemy blueprint where it says Event Point Damage:


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