How to integrate Ironbelly weapons and animations

This tutorial was made in an agreement between me and Ironbelly. It would be beneficial to customers of our assets to have a page that shows how to integrate Ironbelly weapons and animations into FPS Game Starter Kit.

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Click here to see the FPS Firearms asset pack that contains weapons and animations used in this tutorial.


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This video shows how to completely replace all animations from the stock ones inside FPS Game Starter Kit with Ironbelly ones (arms mesh, animation blueprint setup, weapon tweaking and fine-tuning)


The end result should look like this.


Here is an example of how it would look like in-game when combined with various other assets that were put together on a map as a quick demo.


There is also a simple way if you only need the arms mesh, but don’t want different animations. This will work with any mesh that uses the UE4 skeleton.