How to integrate Ironbelly weapons and animations

This tutorial was made in an agreement between me and Ironbelly. It would be beneficial to customers of our assets to have a page that shows how to integrate Ironbelly weapons and animations into FPS Game Starter Kit.

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Click here to see the FPS Firearms asset pack that contains weapons and animations used in this tutorial.


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1. Create a new FPS Game Starter Kit project

2. Add ironbelly anims to it

3. Right click on the ironbelly arms mesh and create a new animbp



4. Create this inside the new animbp



5. Create a new state machine locomotionib_05


6. Inside it, drag off from the entry and create a new state, this will be idle



7. Now drag off from it and create another one.. this time for walking



8. Now drag walking back into idle, so that it can swap between them



9. Inside the transition nodes use IsMoving (Idle to Walk) and IsMoving=NOT (Walk to Idle)



Using the same process add sprint too



10. Open the weapon anim category enum and add few new entries, those will be set inside your weapon child classes and used to tell the animbp to switch locomotions



11. Back inside the animbp, use this node as a blend



12. Create locomotions for all of your ironbelly weapons and connect them in the animbp like this



13. Open the ironbelly arms skeleton and add a new GripPoint socket, this is where the weapon will be attached



14. Inside the character move the arms into this position to account for the different axis rotation and location



15. On your weapon child classes, set what enum it should use and the animation montages for the arms



16. Weapon mesh animations are tricky because they’re rotated (should stay still and look the same direction as the default UE4 weapon, but they don’t), you can use persona to rotate them by -90 Z and move them slightly back, add key, apply, save.



17. Add 2 new sockets to your weapon skeleton (Muzzle and AmmoReject), to make it spawn particles. For more info about that see the how to make new weapons tutorial


That’s it!

Old tutorial, I’ll leave it here just for reference, it is NOT supported.



There is also a simple way if you only need the arms mesh, but don’t want different animations. This will work with any mesh that uses the UE4 skeleton.