How to add Free-For-All game mode (can be used for coop as well)

In this tutorial we will add a Free-For-All game mode that keeps score for each player in the lobby. This mode can also be used for coop purposes (see at the end of this tutorial).

The game mode for replication in the kit has functionality for kicking other players from the lobby, so the game mode from this tutorial is a child class based on the one from the kit, that way it still has the default functionality, but can be expanded to do other things as well.

1. Download and extract the FFA_GameMode

2. On your map, in world settings, set the game mode to be the FFA one


That’s pretty much it, to add a new map to the multiplayer host/join widgets, see this tutorial.



Using it for co-op

If you wish to use this game mode for coop purposes, where the score is kept based on how many zombies each player killed, simply open the Replicated_CharacterBase and on Begin Play disable the CanDamageOtherPlayers bool (also in your level don’t put the join team bp or anything similar to it that would change the players team)