How to integrate Steam

In this tutorial we will add Steam and cover some topics about it.

Essentially it’s already integrated, however keep in mind that it uses the 480 appid in the DefaultEngine.ini file in your project folder, so in your actual game put the ID from your Appid that Steam gave you.



When testing it, make sure to compile it as a Shipping Build.

steam_test_01 steam_test_02


Place this text file where the .exe of the compiled game is, that file is not required when putting the game on Steam as it will generate it on its own.



Things to be aware of:
-Steam will not work in editor mode, so you need to launch it as stand alone or compile the project.
-If you’re using the 480 appid, when testing it both you and your friends need to have the same Download Region in Steam settings.



To check for if a DLC is owned and installed, see this tutorial.