How to set up coop

With the recent update I added few new blueprints that a lot of people wanted for coop games, where a level could end by reaching a safe-zone, and it requires all players to be present, and because some levels can be large, a checkpoint was also added. Kinda like L4D2 or Earthfall.

It’s not very difficult to set all of this up.

1. Open the Replicated_Controller and on its Begin Play disable the checkbox for invincibility (this will be disabled by default in the future, I was testing something in God Mode).


2. Now add any number of checkpoints and level complete blueprint (only one).


3. By default when all players reach the end, a widget will be displayed to pick the next map, you can however override this and make it automatically load the next map (if you want to have a specific sequence in mind), but this is entirely optional.


4. Set the coop game mode in world settings


That’s it!

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