Quiz Game Starter Kit



Playable Demo



Million Dollar Quiz
(my game that I made using this asset)


How does it work?

Basically it takes 15 questions from an array that gets shuffled, you can add as many questions you want. The more there are, the better.

For demonstration purposes I only added around 20 questions, this should give you an example on how to add more.

The interface is UMG based and uses common practices when it comes to placing elements on screen.

The objective of the game is to answer all 15 questions correctly, if you fail, the game will start over.


How to add more questions


1.Open BP_GameMode, click on the S_Questions struct, then click the plus to add more questions:

2. Once you add a question, add 4 possible answers and specify what index in the answers array is the correct answer, as shown in the example on the picture above.


Alternative way is to add your questions into a Data Table, like this:

You can use only one of those two ways, or combine both, it’s up to you.
If you decide to use only Data Tables, leave the S_Questions array blank,
if you decide to use the S_Questions array, leave the DT_Questions data table empty,
or fill in questions in both, it’s really up to you.


That’s it!



Update 1.1
-Added DataTable support

Update 1.2
-Added background music checkbox to the setting menu
-Added “Are you sure?” to when the Give Up button is pressed
-Changed: Give Up on 1 million question now gives 500K (instead of 1 million)
-Changed: Losing on the 1 million question now gives 32K (instead of 1 million)